4 Mistakes to Avoid During Laser Engraving

Whether one is a new maker or a veteran engineer, learning how to use the best laser engraver requires experience and time. Occasionally, issues arise that leave designers to think about what they could have done better. Knowing how to avoid such mistakes is important, and with that in mind, consider the below list of the most common laser engraving mistakes.

Burning Through Fabric

To avoid burning through a fabric, makers should learn which fabrics can endure the process. Heavier fabrics like canvas, leather, and denim can withstand higher settings, but delicate fabrics should be handled carefully. Test the settings on the hobby laser engraver on some scrap pieces of fabric until the desired result is achieved.

Acrylic Doesn’t End Up With White Engraving

In most cases, this poor result occurs when the wrong acrylic substrate is used. Laser engravers use two kinds of acrylics, and each has its own applications. Cast acrylic objects are made from liquid acrylic, and extruded acrylic is formed with different manufacturing techniques. Extruded acrylic provides clean cuts, but when it’s engraved, it doesn’t produce an opaque look.

The Engraver Slows Down

Even the best laser engraver gets dirty once in a while, and like other machines, a clean engraver yields better results. The owner’s manual lists the engraver’s maintenance requirements, and if a maker notices a decline in performance, cleaning and checking the optics may be the first step in resolving the issue. When cutting high-residue materials, such as acrylic or wood, the optics may need cleaning more often.

Engraving Wood Yields Inconsistent Results

Wood is a very laser-friendly option, not only because it’s easy to cut, but because it’s simple to engrave. However, different types of wood have various reactions to the engraving process, and as such, they yield different results. Lighter woods, like maple, produce a sharp contrast, while denser species require more power to engrave or cut.

In Conclusion

The errors listed here are common among designers and hobbyists who use laser engravers, particularly those just getting into the field. However, these mistakes are avoidable if the user has the knowledge to prevent them. Boss Laser helps makers and designers through each step of the process, from choosing the right engraver, selecting the proper materials, and understanding how to avoid the most common errors. If a user wants to know more about our laser engraver prices, or if they need advice and support, they can call or visit the website.


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